Castine, ME

Sept 19-24, 2004

 The "State of Maine," the training ship for Maine Maritime Academy. The huge MMA mooring we stayed on the first night is in the foreground.
Castine waterfront.  The schooner at the dock is the "Bowdoin," another MMA training ship.
A model of the Lyra, the ship Captain Debbie Dempsey (Linda's sister) brought under control when  it broke loose from it's tug off Cape Fear.  It was donated to MMA by Lykes Lines after the incident.

Linda in the captain's seat aboard the "State of Maine"

Deb and Sandy on the bridge.

The fantail of the "State of Maine"

Windchime moored next to the MMA boat house (which was also moored).

Linda sleeping in.

MMA freshmen learning to row near our mooring.

Deb's Aunt Janice and cousin Carmen with us at the beach.

Uncle George and Aunt Joanne joined us later in the afternoon, and we went to the Wilson Museum.

This is how they haul boats in Castine.

Linda walking up Dempsey Path on the MMA campus.

Deb, Linda, and Sandy at Dennett's Wharf.

Sunset from our mooring.
Windchime on the Public Landing
Sandy at the helm, sailing in Penobscot Bay
The motley crew
Linda and Deb enjoying the day
 Sandy trimming the genny
The "Bowdoin" sailing by
Sandy, Linda, Laura, and Deb at the Reef