April 16-21, 2006

Moon over a calm Northwest Providence Channel on the passage to Florida

Sunset over the Gulf Stream

Arriving in Fort Pierce after 2 days and nights at sea

Our friends, Joyce and Dave came down to see us in Ft. Pierce.

Cocoa Village

Deb and her parents anchored off Cocoa Village

The Vehicle Assembely Building at Kennedy Space Center, the tallest single-story building in the world

The Crawler, used to transport space vehicles out to the launch pads

This is the unmanned rocket we would see launched the next afternoon from the Cape Canaveral anchorage

Model of the Saturn V rocket used to launch the Apollo missions...

and here's the real thing.  It's enormous!

The Lunar Excursion Module

The Rover, for driving around on the moon

The clean room where they assemble and refurbish modules for the International Space Station

We got to go aboard the Space Shuttle Explorer

We watched the launching of an unmanned rocket the day after our visit to the Space Center

Notice the booster rocket falling back to earth just to the right at the top of the plume

After the launch

Linda watching the launch and celebrating with champagne

Sunrise over Cape Canaveral