US Virgin Islands

May 28-June 30, 2005

A mountain goat in Cruz Bay, St. John

This iguana was just walking down the sidewalk in Caneel Bay, St. John

Windchime at anchor in Caneel Bay, St. John

The water looked like a swimming pool.

Jay, with his rum and hat

Having breakfast at Molly Molone's in Red Hook, St. Thomas

Downtown Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

 The duty free liquor shop

Magen's Bay, St. Thomas

Jenn, Deb, and Jay

Jay and Linda in the hot tub

Jay executing one of  his finer 360o spin dives into 3 feet of water

Linda and Deb at Duffy's Love Shack in Red Hook.  Linda just bought a new hat.

What's that on Jay's butt?

Jay, Deb, and Linda at the Old Stone Farm House.

Jay and Jenn at Stone House.  Jenn's wearing her new necklace and earrings, an anniversary gift from Jay.

An iguana by the pool.  These guys are hanging out all over the place.

Sunset in Redhook Harbor

Linda snorkeling in Caneel Bay, St. John

The reef

Little lizard in Cruz Bay, St. John

Chickens run around in the streets of Cruz Bay

Sunset as seen from Caneel Bay

Click on the photo to see the lizard dance

Windchime at anchor in Red Hook

Clouds over Middle Passage

Riding the Dollar Bus

Downtown Red Hook

One of the many ferries that come and go from Red Hook.  However, this is the only one with live coconut palms on the decks.

The Water Taxi in Redhook

The Underwater Trail in Trunk Bay

Blue fish

Click on the picture to see the skate in action


The edge of a huge school of fish

More underwater trail

Deb enjoying a sundowner

Linda's watercolor of an Abaco dinghy

Another gorgeous sunset in Redhook.  Click on the photo to see the spectacular 360 degree view.