September 7-15, 2005

Our first view of St. George's

Sunset, looking out of St. George's Lagoon

Linda and Deb at the Tropicana for lunch

Windchime at anchor in St. George's Lagoon

Another boat job, reinstalling the cabinet in the head

The Carenage in St. George's

Linda and Deb in front of Sendall Tunnel

Linda with Randy (our self-appointed tour guide) on Young Street

Myrt and Linda in Market Square

Myrt getting dinner ready for us and her friend Phillip onboard Windchime

" The best view in town," Her Majesty's Prison on the top of the hill.

Sixteen communists from the 1983 coup attempt are serving life sentences in the dungeons there.

William drinking Deb's beer again

Deb and Myrt online at the yacht club

The Grenada Yacht Club

A boat from St. Vincent anchored next to us