Carriacou, Grenada

July 26-August 13, 2005

North of Union Island, on the way to Carriacou

Yeah!! We're finally below 12 degrees 40' N!  Now, if we get hit by a hurricane, our insurance will cover us.

One of the workboats in the Carriacou Sailing Regatta out practicing

Clean Sweep, true to their name, ended up winning.

Having a good time in Hillsborough Bay

Sunset at Hillsborough Bay

Boats on the beach

Getting ready to race

How they got this van on this boat, we do not know.  Looks like the guy on board is a little confused too.

Kids racing in Optimist sailing dinghies

Looks like trouble!

Perseverance and Cloudy Bay, the boats from Bequia

We saw Perseverance while in Bequia.  Both boats were sailed the 38 miles down from Bequia.

Cloudy Bay hiking out

Windchime in Hillsborough Bay

A fishing boat in Hillsborough Bay

One of the work boats being towed in for the race

This boat belongs to an old sea gypsy and artist.  He sails it in and out of the anchorages, by himself, without an engine.

Another beautiful sunset

"Devine" racing

A yacht racing behind Sandy Island

Drift wood on Sandy Island

Kite boarding at Sandy Island.  This family showed up in a catamaran with 5 boys, a kite board, a laser, a Walker Bay rowing dinghy, and and inflatable dinghy with motor.

This little kitten actually had two kittens of her own.  She sat under our table at the yacht club, and we fed her chicken.

The view, having lunch at the Carriacou Yacht Club in Tyrrel Bay

Boats nosed into the mangrove swamp in Tyrrel Bay

Angels Rest, the floating bar, must have been tucked into the mangroves for Hurricane Emily.  It has since been returned to it's mooring, but is not open yet.

Our friends from France, Sara and Yoann

Yoann and Sara sailing away on Pelloc'h

Sunset at Sandy Island

Carriacou Yacht Club and Tyrrel Bay Yacht Haulout

Linda enjoying a good book

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