St. Eustasius (Statia) & Nevis

July 7-10, 2005

A supertanker anchored off Statia.  The north side of the island has a huge oil depot that distributes fuel to the rest of the islands.

Linda having a quick snooze on the way to Statia

Windchime anchored off Statia, as taken from the Blue Bead Restaurant

A flowering tree on the way into Orenjestad

Deb climbing up the Old Slave Road

At anchor in Statia

View from the Old Slave Road

The fort in Orenjestad, Statia

Gingerbread houses in Orenjestad

The St. Eustatius museum, formerly the home of an Admiral

Synagogue Lane in Orenjestad

Twin cats

Ruins of the Synagogue

St. Eustatius Court house

Linda having a beer and lunch near the fort

St. Eustatius is and old friend of the U.S.

View from the fort

Ruins of a Dutch Reform Church in Orenjestad

The volcano on Statia as viewed from the anchorage

Sunset in St. Eustatius

Sailing by St. Kitts on the way to Nevis

Deb enjoying a good book??? on the way to Nevis

The volcano on Nevis as seen from the anchorage.  Unfortunately, we never made it to shore to explore it.

Spectacular sunset at Nevis