Bequia, SVG

July 22-29, 2005

Sitting under the tamarind tree in Admiralty Bay

The bar at the Whaleboner

  Whale's rib across the bar and vertebra for stools

Fishing boats and houses in Admiralty Bay

The chain link fence with barbed wire erected around the dinghy dock by U.S. Homeland Security.  We don't know what they are trying to protect.  The gate is always open and you can walk around the fence on either end.

The view from the Gingerbread Restaurant

Sign in Port Elizabeth

The Friendship Rose

It used to be the mail boat that made daily trips between St. Vincent and Bequia.  That's how Linda and her family arrived here in 1975.  Now it takes tourists out on cruises.

Rodney, Richard, Marlon, and Linda enjoying a drink at the Whaleboner

Deb at the internet cafe

The old sugar mill has been converted into an apartment and pottery studio by a local artist

Baby Hawksbill turtle at the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary

Click on the turtle to see the baby turtles swim.

An adult Hawksbill

Goats are abundant on the island

A local's house

The natives are allowed to catch up to four whales a year.  This is the island on which the whales are processed.

The fishing port, built by the Taiwanese

A house at Moonhole

This is where Linda's family stayed in 1975.

The master bedroom

Another house at Moonhole

Richard with Andy, our guide

Overlooking Admiralty Bay from the fort

Rodney, one of the bartenders at the Frangipani, with William

Frangipani flowers from the same tree

Linda's early birthday present

We bought this from a guy in the Frangipani Bar.  It's a humpback whale carved out of a pilot whale tooth (actual size about 2 in.)

Moonhole from the water, leaving Bequia

This is the arch through which the moon sets twice a year.

More Moonhole