Vieques, Puerto Rico

February 11-17, 2006

Sailing along the south coast of Vieques

 Part of Sun Bay Beach

It's over a mile long

Clever name for a dinghy

The esplanade in Espreranza

Flowers along the esplanade

Having lunch at Bananas

Sun Bay with Monte Pirata in the background

Sun setting behind Cayo De Tierra at Sun Bay

Windchime at anchor in Sun Bay

At anchor in Puerto Real off Esperanza

This guy played us a song while we waited for the shuttle to take us Mosquito Bay

The lighthouse in Isabel Segunda

Mick Jagger's yacht was anchored near us in Puerto Real

Sailing around Punta Boca Quebrada

This little guy came up with our anchor.  We think it might be a baby starfish.

Green Beach, our last anchorage on Vieques

Looks like we left Vieques just in time

Puerto Real (on the island of Puerto Rico) backed by El Yunque rain forest shrouded in clouds

The little ferry that runs from Cayo Obispo to Puerto Real

Another view from Cayo Obispo.  We have no idea what it is, but it looks like you have to take a tram to and from the lower part.