Puerto Rico

March 16 - April 2, 2006

Windchime at anchor in Salinas

A sunken sailboat in the harbor

Playa Salinas

Small island off Playa Salinas

Typical roadside bar

Clyde, Deb and Linda enjoying a Medalla on the way back from shopping

Zooey and Deb

Marianne and Zooey

Linda and Louis at Happy Hour at the Marina de Salinas

This flotilla was near our boat Friday morning.  We think it may have been some sort of biology class.

Walker Bay with Jack Russell hood ornament

We saw a family of manatees swimming in Salinas Harbor

 Bahia de Guanica, where American troops first stepped ashore in 1898 to claim Puerto Rico for the United States

Cabo Rojo Lighthouse on the SW corner of Puerto Rico

William, Linda and Deb in the nature preserve in Boqueron

Can you spot the lizard?

Early morning in Boqueron.  Everything's closed

The Crash Boat Bar has a hull of a boat for a bar

Location, location, location!

Sunset in Mayaquez