Puerto Rico

March 4-15, 2006

An egret near our dinghy in Fajardo

Monkey Island

One of the rhesus monkeys on Monkey Island

El Yunque from Monkey Island

Our friends Doris and Tom's boat, Exit Strategy

Windchime in Palmas Del Mar with the evil boatyard in the background

Some of the houses in Palmas Del Mar

A house in the harbor

Linda and Tom cutting open Windchime's rudder

Holes in the rudder around the rudder post.  Notice the green bottom paint on the pintle bar showing through.  These holes were filling the rudder with water which was eventually forced up through the rudder post.

Skip and Frank glassed all around the rudder post.

 ...then filled the space with epoxy with microballoons

...and finally added glass on top of that.  Frank's on the left and Skip's on the right.

Doris, Tom, and Deb having breakfast aboard Exit Strategy

Frank attaching the new partial skeg

Our $3500 skeg

Check out the front poppet.  No wonder they charged us extra for insurance.

Moon rising over Puerto Patillas

Linda fishing on the way to Salinas.  Unfortunately, she didn't get a bite.

Old San Juan

Old San Juan street

Totem Pole

A statue.  We didn't know what any of the statues and monuments were for, because we couldn't read Spanish.

Another statue

Doris, Linda, Tom, and Deb in front of El Morro

Linda guarding the fort

Inside the fort

Looking out over the entrance to San Juan Harbor

The lighthouse on El Morro

Eastern view from El Morro:  the cemetery in the foreground, then La Perla (the colorful slum), and San Cristobal in the background

Doris and Linda approaching San Cristobal

El Yunque (Caribbean National Forest)

Check out the roots of this tree

View of Fajardo from the tower near the top of El Yunque

Another view

A motley crew

Doris and Tom hiking down the mountain

The rain forest

Doris at one of the waterfalls


We took the scenic route to Ponce.

More scenic route

We passed quite a few burned out cars on the scenic route.  Tom thought maybe their breaks had started on fire on the steep inclines.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral in Plaza las Delicias

Another building on the Plaza

The Parque de Bombas used to be the firehouse.

The old fire truck

Doris and Tom on the trolley

The Plaza las Delicias

One of the lions guarding the bridge

This is the oldest tree in Puerto Rico.  It's 1000 years old.

The Sports Museum

A house in Ponce

One of the graves in the Panteon Nacional Roman Baldorioty de Castro (the cemetery for famous people)

Roman Baldorioty de Castro's grave

Still in the cemetery

Many of the older crypts were missing their occupants.

Castillo Serralles, a mansion owned by the Bacardi Rum family

Linda with Carmen, the woman who rescued her from the bathroom

Replica of a pre-Taino village at the Tibes Indian Ceremonial Center

Deb and Linda in one of the huts

One of the bateyes, or ball courts, at the ceremonial site.  The rocks to the left were the bleachers.

More of the site.  Structures included bateyes, burial grounds where people were laid to rest in the fetal position, and two ceremonial plazas.

The calabash booty

Carnaval masks

Doris passed out in the car after a long day