Carriacou, Grenada

September 16-29, 2005

Sailing from Grenada to Carriacou

Myrt enjoying the sail and a good book

Linda asleep at the wheel :-)

Moon over Tyrrel Bay

Roberto opening oysters for us

Deb and Myrt eating oysters on the half shell

Myrt, Linda and Deb having lunch at the Hard Wood Bar

The view from the Hard Wood

Hand painted calabash

Drying out Myrt's passport and money

Lobster for lunch!

Dr. Freddy's office in Hillsborough

Linda, Simon, and Deb on a tour of the island

Local's party beach

Simon, Myrt, and Linda at The Garden

Treating Linda's ear ache

Steve and Salty Dog.  Steve is the one who saved Windchime when she was dragging out of the harbor.

Linda painting a calabash and the finished product

Debbie and Myrt

A satellite image of Hurricane Emily (July 2005) we found in "The Compass"

The arrow shows where Windchime was in St. Lucia

Rainbow from Tyrrel Bay