Admrialty Bay, Bequia

October 28-November 9, 2005

Ferry carrying the Prime Minister of St. Vincent to a campaign rally in Port Elizabeth

Racing in Admiralty Bay

More of the race

De Bistro

Alick's Sail Loft

Bequia Bookshop


For those of you who've read "Mutiny on the Bounty," this what Capt. Bligh was transporting.

Local color

St. Mary's, the Anglican Church in Port Elizabeth

"Depart in Peace"

Stained glass windows in the church

St. Vincent and Our Lady of the Sea

Paintings in the church

For those of you who were wondering what leather toilet seat hinges look like :-)

Calabash tree

Linda cleaning out a calabash

 Whole calabash, half with insides, and half cleaned out

African brought us some roses

African in a bathroom he's working on in one of the villas he manages

This little dog hangs out at De Bistro.  He reminds us of Thunder,  a dog we know back home who's also vertically challenged.

The King Fisher I

This boat used to deliver Hairoun, the local beer, to all the Grenadines.  Now, they also have King Fishers II and III that are much bigger.

African in his boat, African Pride

Gumby wanted to say "Hi" to everyone

Trip from Bequia to Martinique

November 9-10, 2005

Rainbow off St. Vincent

Passing by the Pitons, St. Lucia 

  The white sailboat at the base of the right hand piton gives you some idea of the scale.

This was wild.  We went through this patch of green water off of St. Lucia.  We think it was some kind of run off from the heavy rains, but the demarcation was eerie.

Three cruise ships in port at the Castries, St. Lucia

A pirate ship outside of Rodney Bay, St. Lucia