Admiralty Bay, Bequia

September 30-October 11, 2005

Myrt taking her turn under the quarterberth trying to rewire the regulator for the wind generator

Linda working on the engine

A sailboat in Admiralty Bay

Looking out of Admiralty Bay toward West Cay

Sunset over West Cay

Myrt, with new hat, writing emails

Myrt, with new hat, showing off both sides of the calabash lantern Linda hand-painted for her.  The face is Myrt.

Deb saving the towel that was lost two days previous while trying to repair the solar panel/ windvane regulator

A boat in Admiralty Bay

Deb, Steve, Linda, Joe, Joan, and Myrt watching a ball game at the Salty Dog.

Lunch:  salmon, cream cheese, and capers on pumpernickel

Getting a delivery of fuel and water

African preparing dinner

The mast step before and with new cover