November 24-Dec 2, 2005

All the big charter yachts are starting to come into Falmouth Harbor for the big charter boat show in December

Deb, Joan, and Steve at the Mad Mongoose

Joan, Linda, and Steve atop Shirley Heights

Half moon bay has a gorgeous beach

A flower growing on the beach

Drift wood in the surf

Mural on a bar

Goats and sheep are everywhere.  Notice the egret on the sheep's back.

The view from the Tamarind Bar and Restaurant

Finch on a wire at the Tamarind

White flowers

Linda's dessert at Harmony Hall:  Passion Fruit Sorbet

Nonesuch Bay from Harmony Hall

Roadside Bar

Wadadli is the local beer.

The capitol of Antigua, St. John's

Statue in St. John's.  We're not sure who it is.

Restaurant in St. John's

Mural on Life Restaurant

Linda at the entrance to Nelson's Dockyard in English Harbor

Deb with a sailor whom she found a little stiff

Bust of Lord Nelson

Linda as Lord Nelson and Deb in the regiment

Sailing dinghy

British phone booth

This boat was rowed solo all the way from England to Antigua

The slipway at Nelson's Dockyard

The pillars used to support a roof.

The old tar house

Today, it houses the Admiral's Inn

Inside the Admiral's Inn


Another megayacht enters the harbor

This is a cruise ship anchored in the harbor

Our neighbor

Morning in English Harbor

Windchime anchored in Tank Bay in English Harbor

Linda peeks through the gate to Nelson's Dockyard

Deb at a coffee shop in Nelson's Dockyard updating the website