St. Vincent and the Grenadines

October 20-27, 2005

Storm clouds over St. Vincent

Sailing from Bequia to St. Vincent to pick up Debbie and Susie

Blue Lagoon turned brown with run-off from the torrential downpours

Susie and Debbie doing email in the rain

Linda and Debbie sailing to Bequia

Debbie fishing

Deb, Linda, Debbie, and Susie at the Frangipani Bar on Bequia

Debbie snorkeling in Tobago Cays


A sign in a bar

Susie relaxing in the dinghy in the Tobago Cays

Sunset at Tobago Cays

Holy Mackerel! Debbie caught a fish!

Sunset from Admiralty Bay, Bequia

Susie taking a nap

Windchime with her new boom tent that Debbie brought