November 10-19, 2005

Marin in the rain

Windchime anchored off St. Anne

The cemetery in St. Anne

The day after we took this picture, three of the crypts were washed over the side of the cliff by torrential rain.

Church in St. Anne

Lunch:  Brazilian burgers (Thanks for the recipe, Katherine) on baguette, homemade pomme frittes, and Bordeaux wine (purchased at the grocery for only $3.80)


The Jesuit Chrurch in Marin.  The white structures below are the cemetery.

Passing by Diamond Rock on the way from Marin to St. Pierre

A German boat sailing along the coast

A Piton on the way to St. Pierre

Our view of Mt. Pelee while anchored off St. Pierre.  Mt. Pelee is a volcano that erupted in 1902, wiping out the entire city.

The Market in St. Pierre

Here's an example of incorporating one wall that survived the volcano into a new building

A photo of St. Pierre after the 1902 eruption of Mt. Pelee

This bell from a destroyed cathedral was crushed in the eruption

Not even the boats in St. Pierre harbor escaped the ravages of the volcano.  This is a porthole with melted glass from a boat that was destroyed.

The theatre in St. Pierre, prior to 1902 and today

Deb exploring the ruins of the theatre with Mt. Pelee in the background

The cathedral in St. Pierre

The cemetery behind the cathedral

Linda hiking up to the Virgin Mary statue

The view of St. Pierre from the statue.  Windchime is anchored just off the dock.

A hummingbird

We met this fellow on the path to the butterfly garden.

The path got very steep, and we needed ropes to climb down.

We didn't see any butterflys in the garden, but we found these cool bamboo chimes.  They are played by pulling on the balls to rattle the bamboo.

A stream through the garden

Having lunch at 1634 after our hike