British Virgin Islands

December 13, 2005 - January 3, 2006

View from Myrt's patio on Tortola

Richard, Deb, Shiela, Jim, Betty, Myrt, and Paul

Myrt taking a nap on deck

Peter, Myrt, Linda, and Deb having a beer at Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke

A plate from our home state hanging at Foxy's

Peter up the mast

Windchime from the top of the mast

The "Willy T," a floating bar in the Bight on Norman Island

You get a free t-shirt if you jump off the (platform, on the upper deck of the stern) NAKED!

Vince, Angie, Myrt, Linda, Deb, Tim, and Nikki onboard the Willy T

Feeding the fish along side the Willy T

Contemplating the big dive off the stern

Tim takes the plunge

Aragorn's Studio in Trellis Bay, Beef Island

Gli-Gli, the largest Carib dugout canoe in existence

Fireballs are lit for full moon parties

The Last Resort restaurant and bar on Bellamy Cay in Trellis Bay

Linda having a few words with the Donkey at the Last Resort

Nikki and Tim were there too

The Singing Chef was a real crowd pleaser

Christmas Eve aboard Windchime sharing rum punches with Joan and Steve (Salty Dog drank water)

Deb, Joan, and Tim taking advantage of the free WiFi at Myrt's

Myrt's Christmas tree

Myrt's kitty, Gordy

Ladies in Red:  Joan and Linda on Christmas Day

The Feast!

Steve, Joan, Myrt, Peter, Nikki, Deb, and Tim enjoying Christmas dinner on the deck

Vince and Angie sat at the kiddie table

Christmas sunset

William digging into the Christmas Pudding

Boxing Day sunset anchored in Cane Garden Bay

KapEye playing for Happy Hour at Myett's in Cane Garden Bay

Sunset from Myett's

Peter, Myrt, Angie, Vince, and Deb on the beach at Myett's drinking Rasta Sunrises

Fireball in Trellis Bay on New Year's Eve

De Loose Mongoose in  Trellis Bay

Fireman and Fireball on New Year's Day

Switchback road on Tortola