The Great Dismal Swamp to Elizabeth City

December 1-5, 2004

Entering the Great Dismal Swamp


Deep Creek Lock in the Dismal Swamp--our first lock experience

After being raised roughly 12 feet.

The lock keeper was very friendly and helpful.

Once the lock keeper was done raising the water in the lock, she had to drive her car half a mile down to open the bridge.

Windchime traversing the Great Dismal Swamp Canal

More Great Dismal Swamp

House in the Dismal Swamp

We're finally in North Carolina!

The lock keeper at the end of the Dismal Swamp

Only 1067 miles to go!

Trees along the Pasquotank River after the Dismal Swamp

We spotted a bald eagle just before Elizabeth City

Leslie, Deb in Elizabeth City

Linda and Leslie on deck

Windchime on the free city dock at Elizabeth City

The Christmas Parade in Elizabeth City

More parade...

More parade...

More parade...

More parade...

The end of the parade