The Exumas, BAHAMAS

April 7-13, 2006

Sunset over George Town

White cliffs at Dotham Cut

Our chartplotter shows us tracking right over land!  Obviously, we made it through the cut using known waypoints. C-map charts in the Bahamas leave a little something to be desired.

Black Point, Great Guana

This kind of weather hung over the region for several days

Windchime in Black Point

Black Point, Great Guana

These kids tried to sell us a seashell

Ruby's Supermarket

A stone dwelling on the way to the Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden

Willy, the creator of the Garden of Eden

More Garden of Eden

William having lunch at Lorraine's in Black Point

Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay Yacht Club


Islets off Staniel Cay

Thunderball Grotto is on the far left.

The entrance to Thunderball Grotto is in the center of the picture.  It is best to enter it at low tide.

Wardrick Wells

Linda and Sparky on Beryl's Beach, Wardrick Wells

A small starfish covered with sand, on the beach at low tide

Linda on Peggy's Trail trying to raise John and Connie on the VHF

John, Connie and Linda on Windchime

Deb, Connie and Linda

Skeleton of a 51 year old whale

Linda on Shaggy Dog Trail

A dry riverbed

Termite mound

Boo Boo Hill, filled with momentos from visting cruisers

View from Boo Boo Hill

The anchorage south of Emerald Rock (Windchime is just left of center)

Deb on Boo Boo Hill

Banana holes are everywhere.  You really have to watch your step here.

A rainbow formed as we left Wardrick Wells.