Man-O-War Cay, Abaco

March 30-May 8, 2005

Peter, Ray, Linda, and Leandre having a cookout at the house

Sunset from the back porch

Linda's latest watercolor

Deb doing a crossword and enjoying the view, but not necessarily in that order

Peter, Fleur, Ray, Chrisitine, and Linda on the beach

Saturday evening dinner on the back porch (Deb, Peter, Addie, Guy, Christine, Ray, and Fleur)

Linda flying a kite in the front yard

Christine and Ray

This barge rowed itself into the harbor with the crane on its bow

Our hotel in Ft. Lauderdale

The retail space at the casino, designed by our friend Dave

Our upgraded hotel room

Back on MOW  the "Rage" is on.

Linda's painting of Ray and Christine's boat Gitzi

Linda's latest watercolor

Abaco Dinghy on the hard.  These used to be built here on Man-O-War

Our grocery store on Man-O-War.  They let us run a tab for the month we were on the island--very convenient for us.

Hopetown Harbor Light

Deb and Christine at the top of the lighthouse

Linda climbing down the lighthouse stairs

Hopetown Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Ray, Christine, and Deb on the beach at Hopetown

Linda, Peter, Christine, and Ray enjoying drinks at Captain Jack's in Hopetown

Sailing to Marsh Harbor on Peter's boat, Christine

Linda at the helm

Full Moon party at the house.

Ray getting ready to play the grills :-)

Enjoying the full moon

William trying to make friends with a local lizard

A neighbor's kitty visited us often

Barracuda fence on Queens Highway

Laurel and Rob enjoying the front porch

Rob and Laurel stuck in the rain at the Jib Room in Marsh Harbor

Christine and Ray sailing on Windchime

Windchime dressed for Cinco de Mayo

We had a fantastic Cinco de Mayo party at the house

Bob and Dave, the band

More party goers

Deb, Deb and Linda showing off their new ankle bracelets (made by the middle Deb)

Rob and Debbie dancing