Man-O-War Cay, Abaco

February 15-23, 2005

Windchime motoring through the infamous Whale Cay Passage on a very calm day

Debbie Dempsey in Sparky

Linda's parents' old Tartan 27, Bonnie Lass, moored at MOW

Harriet and Debbie in the Aquasport

One of our favorite homes on MOW

Windchime in the main harbor.  The boat in the foreground was dismasted in a hurricane.

William enjoying a conch fritter at the Pavilion

Linda's sister Timotha arriving at MOW on Albury's Ferry

Linda enjoying a Guinness

Timotha and Linda sitting on the porch of Dad's house


Jeanne DesParois onboard for cocktails

Moon over Man-O-War Settlement

Full moon on the beach

Timotha and Linda

Timotha and alligator